Daily and weekly quality assurance tests are a critical component of maintaining a high standard of care within the Screening Mammography program of BC. Many of these procedures tend to be simple tests that involve a significant manual work, such as selecting and measuring regions of interest on phantom exposures and recording results in Microsoft Excel. Additionally, coordinating reports across multiple centers in a large organization such as the BC Cancer Agency can be slow and error-prone. Such work can be readily automated by software, and the results of the tests stored in a centralized database in order to facilitate region-wide tracking of mammography unit performance.

We have developed a software platform, mammoQC, which takes advantage of British Columbia's province-wide transfer grid network to provide automated quality control measurement and recording to digital mammography centers. This system minimizes the time spend by technologists, efficiently consolidates test data and provides a visualization platform for quality assurance purposes for both individual units and an entire program.