S. Smithbower, R. Rajapakshe, J. Sam, N. Aldoff, and T. Wight



Quality control is a key factor in ensuring a high standard of care in the field of mammography. We have found that abrupt irregularities in image quality from mammography units can arise as the result of factors ranging from vendor software upgrades, having software parameters modified during unit maintenance, or even having detectors replaced. We have developed both a simple weekly quality control test performed on processed images that can quickly capture these changes in image quality, as well as a centralized software platform that automates our test across several mammography centers. Technologists acquire a phantom exposure and upload it to our regional PACS network. The images are then automatically downloaded, analysed, and the results stored by the mammoQC software. These results are instantly available to technologists via a web dashboard, where reports can be generated automatically. Our platform currently services over 25 locations in British Columbia.


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