Christabelle Bitgood

UBC Faculty of Medicine, 2015
UBC B.Sc. Biochemistry, 2010

Projects (2010 – 2011):

  • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Since finishing her degree, Christabelle has been thrilled to work on valuable research investigating breast cancer risk in the population, and has counted it invaluable in her career pursuit as a medical doctor. She has recently been accepted to the UBC MD program as part of the first cohort of students in the Okanagan.


Brent Parker

BSc. UBCO 2012, Public Health Student


  • Wait Times for Lung Cancer Patients
  • Breast Cancer Outcomes Dashboard
  • Breast Cancer Care Pathway and Micro-Simulation Model
  • Prostate Cancer Web Follow Up Pilot
  • Development of A Web Based Platform for Long Term Monitoring of Patients After Radiation Treatment
  • Prostate Brachytherapy Clinical Initiatives and Research Studies
  • Population Based Screening Mammography Research Studies

Brent is a public health student involved in several research projects through the BCCA and Early Detection since 2011. He currently works primarily for Interior Health Authority in the delivery of health services for throughout the Interior of British Columbia. Over the next several years Brent plans to continue his formal training in the fields of medicine and public health. 


Chelsea Vandenberg

UBC Faculty of Medicine, Class of 2017
B.Sc. Biochemistry, UBCO 2012


  • Enhancement of SMPBC Questionnaire
  • SMPBC Radiation Dose Study
  • Breast Cancer Care Pathway and Micro-simulation Model 

Chelsea has been working as part of the Early Detection Research Group at the BC Cancer Agency since receiving a student research grant from the UBC Faculty of Medicine in the summer of 2011. Since then, she has received a studentship from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and has been involved in multiple research projects focused on breast cancer. The work she has done at the Cancer Agency has prepared her well for a career in medicine, which she is actively pursuing as a UBC medical student in Victoria, BC.


Stephanie Ruscheinsky

UBC Faculty of Medicine, Class of 2017
BSc. Biology, UBC Okanagan 2012

Summer 2012

Stephanie is a recipient of the 2011 BC Cancer Studentship and worked at the cancer agency on the breast cancer risk assessment project. In her free time she enjoys sport such as hockey and softball, scrap-booking, and doing various volunteer activities.


Christina Weisstock

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B.Sc. Biology, UBC 2012
McGill Faculty of Medicine, Class of 2017

Projects (2010 – 2013):

  • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
  • Tyrer-Cuzick Model Validation

Christina has worked on a number of population-based projects, primarily focused on quantifying breast cancer risk and investigating risk factor prevalence in British Columbia. Her other research interests include breast screening, health-related quality of life, psychosocial oncology, and rural-urban disparities in cancer care. Christina has been accepted to McGill’s Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery program in Montréal, and is enthusiastic to apply knowledge of these areas to her future career as a medical doctor.


Daniel Morton

MSc. Medical Physics, University of Victoria
B.Sc. Physics, UBC Okanagan

2009 – 2013

Click here to view Daniel’s Masters thesis


Steven McAvoy

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M.Sc. Computer Science, UBC
B.Sc. (Hon.) Computer Science, UBC

2010 – 2013

Steve McAvoy is a computer science graduate student at the University of British Columbia. Funded by the BC Cancer Agency’s Sindi Ahluwalia Hawkins Centre for the Southern Interior, Steve’s graduate research focuses on automated methods of determining breast tissue density from digital mammogram images.

Steve has assisted the BC Cancer Agency in creating web-based survey software which is currently in use by the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Project, a tool for analyzing breast cancer risk, as well as numerous software utilities for DICOM medical image files.

view Steven’s Masters thesis


Tanja Hoegg

MSc. Statistics, UBCO
B.Sc. Statisitics, UBCO

Projects (2011 – 2013):

  • The Gail model and the SMPBC

Tanja did her undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a Minor in Physics at Augsburg University in Germany. She now finished her graduate studies in Statistics at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan Campus. Her previous work has been mostly working in computer oriented statistics, data analysis and information visualization. At the BC Cancer Agency, she looked at risk factors for breast cancer and building a predictive model for breast cancer risk.

view Tanja’s Masters thesis


Andrew Moldovan

B.Sc. Computer Science (Hon.) UBCO 2013

Projects (2012-2014):

  • Prostate Cancer Web Follow Up  

Andrew graduated from The University of British Columbia with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics and Statistics. His main areas of work have been in simulation/modelling software and building web based applications based on open source platforms. At the Cancer Agency Andrew’s work has focused on the Prostate Cancer Web Based Follow Up and some smaller projects on ROI detection in RapidARC generated images. In his spare time, Andrew loves to play basketball, soccer, tennis and to go skiing and to train for triathlons. Beginning in early 2014, Andrew took a position with Microsoft in Seattle, WA.

View his personal website and his LinkedIn.


Ashley Yip

UBC Faculty of Medicine, Class of 2018
B.Sc. Microbiology, UBCO 2013

Projects (2013 – 2014):

  • Validation of Volumetric Breast Density as a Risk Factor for Breast Cancer Screening
  • Breast Cancer Surgical Outcomes Database
  • Lung Cancer Surgical Outcomes Database

Ashley’s past research experience has been in gastrointestinal health and fungal ecology, but she has since been inspired to become involved in cancer research. She is excited to have received the 2013 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) studentship grant and to be on the Early Detection team. She also sits on the CBCF Run for the Cure Committee (2013) and the Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life Committee (2014) in Kelowna. In her spare time, she enjoys racing long distance triathlon (pictured) and is interested in how exercise affects disease susceptibility and progression.